LOGIVIE software is used by life insurance companies, pension funds and insurance brokers.

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Our clients are located in France and 8 other countries.

Customer Recommendations for Logivie

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"Professional in insurance over 20 years, I had the opportunity during my career to audit a large number of software dedicated to the management of contracts of savings.

At first, I was impressed by the extremely intuitive and ergonomic design of Logivie allowing even non-professionals a quick start and appropriation of this tool. On a more technical level, the system of creating new products from existing actuarial interfaces is stunning ease and speed. The multitude of options available allows integrating in few minutes and few clicks the specificities regarding the calculation of different types of fees (deducted at source with recovery, flat-rate or ... etc.), different types of bonuses and values redemption and / or reduction.

Once the setting bordered, the management application is almost operational and even in white label. Finally, the database is constantly kept intact thus ensuring the reliability of the audit trails of transactions. So I acquired this tool, that can be interfaced on the Internet, to create my new structure dedicated to the spreading and management of insurance products for persons and I am absolutely convinced that I will get the best of opportunities that arise."

Founder and President, Insurance broker

"Since I joined our company, the tool I use in 80% of my processings is LOGIVIE.

I think it's a complete business software, which takes into account the needs of different users, the commercial production, up to the portfolio manager. Its new interface, recently implemented by SYRAVIE is very friendly, and can be found easily.

I congratulate the entire technical team of SYRAVIE for its responsiveness, because the difficulties we face on the software are dealt with expeditiously, as well as changes desired by users like us."

Head of Sales and Marketing, Life Insurance Company

"Daily use of Logivie highlights six major point sources of performance and productivity:

1. Work environment
Accessibility to different tabs very easy.

2. Obtaining information
Preconcert requiring no additional request for obtaining information about a product, contract or any statistics. The applications are integrated to obtain comprehensive information.

3. Lack of interdependence between user and computer
With Logivie any user gets the data produced (depending on its level of accessibility to the system) without using the department for a particular setting

4. Syravie availability for continuous improvement of the system
The editor (Syravie) is available for the integration of new functionality designed or at the request of the operator for continuous improvement, taking into account developments in the sector.

5. Remote intervention of the editor and reversible updates
Syravie operates remotely to the various operations that require their input (correction of an anomaly, integrating new features)

6. Data retention
With Logivie, no data is lost, everything is transformed: indeed, all contracts registered in the system remains there forever while undergoing transformations in time (Cancelled, set reduction, terminated, expired, ..): no the delete request. This archive allows us to perform continuous analysis pointed at a given moment"

Management control and portfolio analysis, life insurance company

"Logivie is a working tool so suited to our need of for the management of life insurance products that it is unthinkable to imagine a different solution. I recommend to approve as CIMA's standard support for the management of insurance."

Study and Training Manager, Life Insurance Company

"All my daily activities are performed by myself in the software, without the intervention of a third person. This means that I enjoy considerable autonomy on LOGIVIE."

Chief of Technical management of the portfolio, life insurance company
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